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MARCH 7, 2012

How does it feel...

Keep humming that D'angelo song as I try to find the descibe how it feels....the in,the out, the faster, then slower, the wetness, the friction, ....I've never been one to "kiss & tell" but I'm always up for a challenge...
Being descriptive ... That I can do. It's all about the build up though, and we..( he and I) are excellent at the build up..We set a damn good scene, I think that's what makes the chemistry between us solid...

That kisses,the breathing, the hands...the heart rate. By the time I get to feel his skin on mine I'm ready to explode right there. That gasp..upon him sliding in is the moment I live for....reminisce about.

No words, just breathing, no clothes, just sheets, him hovering over me feeling the weight of his body pinning mine down and I can feel him against my thighs...the throbbing, the heat...and by the time he's that close I'm soaked...I feel the head first and I always gasp and shiver just a little, mainly from anticipation cause I know him, the way he fits me like the back of my hand. I love that. I know the size, the shape, the way it fits in my palm...(or mouth). I run my fingers over it first, always have to...something about how hard, smooth and warm he is...i have to trace the head with my fingers..always have to. I know his taste, the scent of his skin....He fills me up. Initially..always gradual. He likes to tease me, build that anticipation..til I grab it myself and slide it in. Always a little resistance, I'm always kinda tight but I love that...him having to ease his way in....almost force his way in. That resistance, that tightness allows me to feel every inch of him. I can feel him throbbing and I always try to grip back for every throb I feel. I almost don't want to be as wet I can feeeeel more. That must sound crazy, but it's true...the more friction...feeling him grazing my walls is nothing short of euphoric. The friction of his skin inside me....the rubbing, pulling, the heat mixed with the wetness of it all is like no other feeling. Once past the initial strokes, he gets so deep. Hits walls I didn't know I had...reaches the back and still somehow goes deeper. Almost like he grows to fit me once he's inside cause once he is there's not an inch of space he dosent fill.
The veins that become visible the harder he gets...I swear I can even feel those once he's inside me. I'd keep him there hours at a time if I could...there's no one metaphor that can do that feeling justice...looks like I'm needing...him again...after all this description...(and again, and again, and again....)
Hope that was descriptive enough....

Keep in mind that I'm an artist...

And I'm sensitive about my shit. ~ ms. Badu.

 I miss kissing, like deep passionate leave you out of breath kissing, is it possible to love but not be attracted to?.... Am I a bitch for that? You're not as...."sexy" as you think. Sometimes I feel like life is that moving sidewalk at the airport. Everyone's on it, while I'm walking dragging my suitcase...I'm not into girls, guess u didn't know that, but if I were you're not even my type lol.

 "My father broke my heart long before any boy had a chance to." Saw this line somewhere....was sad to me cause it was true.

And if I'm never able to call him mine again, I still couldn't possibly love him any less...and that's 100% real.

There is a lot more from Dollface...I'm movin' on - she gave me my cheap thrill and yes... she is an artist.

Hopefully there is at least one Dollface Hustler in every man's life  or at least a man that can bring out the Dollface Hustler in a woman! God bless a union of significant entertainment and enjoyment!

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