Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Picture taken June 12, 2012
Fully renovated 1996 Merhow and converted to Kayak and camping hauler - did a test a few weeks ago - everything worked. Updated for all electronics, refrigeration, solar ,Bathroom, generator.  Could be back to horses in several hours.... although a 3 horse Live-In-Quarters Trailer... it works best with 2 horses......May be for sale in late fall of 2012 - Requires, as a minimum, a current (last 3 to 4 years) Diesel Pick-up truck from 2500HD to 3000 Chasis.  The display truck is a 2003 Chev. Duramax/Allison 2500HD with flow-through exhaust, "The Edge" 4 stage computer, adjustable airbags, and additional fuel filter with electronic pump. Additional Meters (2) for ultimate Torque (Exhaust and Manifold Pressure)/most power/least engine wear.  FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plywood) Steel Framed (overbuilt) Merhow Trailer.  Trailer has been elevated 4 inches above original frame for better trailering, and high clearance. The Trailer has custom made Cover for winter storage.

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