Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Supreme Court has an opportunity

Antonin Scalia related that the 2700+ pages is not his preference in reading and suggested he'd rather throw this back to a dysfunctional congress.  In the last big vote he supported the "Big Political Action Contributions groups unlimited $$$$) why because he is politically conservative along with the other 5 to 4 vote.  

Clarence Thomas - is a never should have been.  He is a conservative at all costs and rarely speaks... He has never visited a liberal cause at any level.

And the rest vote (usually) according to party lines.  

The Supreme Court was part of a triangle of our Freedom - keeping the legislative and presidential parts in Check.  They have followed party lines from which they came.  They are Dangerous, irrelevant to the balance of our freedom and a disaster to the foundation of our country.  

George W. set our country back 20 years.  The religious right invaded separation of Church and State to their victory and have wounded the foundation of the country.  

The population of the United States has become lax in their responsibilities, we suffer from poor education, ignorance and the "herding effect" of why not just follow those who tell us what we like to hear.   

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