Friday, March 2, 2012

Remember, Real Estate People in 2008 related that the "Value Dip" was temporary - we have learned that temporary is a long time.

While we are at it:
Who not to trust (a majority of which have Republican Leanings)
1. Real estate people
2. Wall Street/Bankers
3. Auto dealers
4. Insurance Companies
5. Drug Manufacturers
6. Industrial Military Complex
7. Politicians in Washington
8. Anyone who is advising you (for a fee) who is over their head in debt.
Who's left?:
1. A good lawyer (about 10% Chance)
2. your Neighbors
3. Your doctor
4. Your dentist (40% Chance)
5. Family Members (75% chance)
6. your best friend, unless they are having a side relationship with your mate.

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