Thursday, March 29, 2012

Do I feel Lucky? Sure!

After a horrific Trading week two weeks ago, I took a week off and today I did my first trade - I closed the market ahead - not by much but a win in any "turnaround" - a win is a win!

The Postman came to my door (this never happened in my life before) and handed me a Note.

He said, it's from the lady down the street with two Pugs - she wants you to call her - here is her note.  Her Name is Rose.  Is this a Win, or what?

I haven't called Rose, yet - as I am starting a relationship with another woman - a nice woman - and I think she is a Win!

How am I doin' so far today?  Yes that's what I think to. So I drove over to the Quick Stop and laid $40 big "ones" on the counter - he said..."40 numbers, are you sure" Yes, I said, I feel Lucky today!

Hot Lotto$540,000,000 Mega Million here in Idaho @ 4pm.
The Drawing is Tomorrow - 9PM Friday

Mega Millions®

Megaplier does not apply to the Jackpot
Match 5 is $1,000,000! with Megaplier

The overall odds of winning a prize in this game are 1:40
So, I bought 40 tickets - I should win Something?

I have never won anything more than a few dollars in my life. I have put myself out to "Score" many times and it has always been a "rough Road!"

If I take my life - as a whole - Yes I am a big winner - so, this is just folly, after all if you don't "have a horse in the race" you can't win - as for women... some were meant to be "A Prize" whatchagonnado?

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