Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jose Baez

.....He cracked the mold.......

Post Trial Book one of the prosecutors takes direct aim at Anthony's defense attorneys, specifically Jose Baez, whom he says he genuinely dislikes. He said Baez was careless with the facts, unmindful of deadlines and encouraged Anthony to be uncooperative with detectives searching for her daughter.
"There is an unearned air of arrogance about the man that is incredibly frustrating to witness," Ashton writes. "The word I used in describing Jose is smarmy: somebody who is slick, underhanded and doesn't shoot straight."

He's talking about the Attorney who won the Trial of Casey Anthony who was accused of murdering her child (which she probably did) Aggressive Prosecutors - Have Excessive egos in front of a camera, in a courtroom and in the "Limelight" - many people lose when self-serving - and they deserve to lose.  Justice was not done here because of The State's Attorneys.

Jose Baez is not "smarmy" He is a "Smarty" one unknown lawyer took on a full bench of Prosecutors backed up by an army of investigators and beat them.  

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