Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wild Fires in Arizona are Absolute

One of the best ways to put out a fire in Arizona is to wait for Monsoon Season. If it's big enough it may bring down the fire to a manageable Situation.  People have paid excess prices for Real Estate, only to find that the end of a fire leaves an area looking like a War Zone for the next 30 years.
Quality of life issues
The wildfire is totally out of control (no containment as of yet.) Smoke has drifted as far as Iowa - and the fire is in its infancy. From my past experience in both Flagstaff Arizona and Northwestern Montana during summer fires - the sun disappears although the haze of smoke allows daylight . The smell of smoke is gagging.  Every day is the same - go to bed with it and wake up with it.
Monsoon LightningLightning FireFirestarterCarefree Monsoon Lightning
Monsoon Lightning

When Monsoon Season comes (july august) the rain help suppress the fire while the Lightening starts more fires daily.
Many of Arizona fires continue until they burn out - many normal containment methods do not work well in a desert.
It is very probable Arizona's social and political issues will be solved if this fire is not contained.  Sara Palin moving to Arizona - the Indians would say, is a bad omen.

ps. Yesterday's Headlines:

Arizona wild forest fire grows by several thousand acres overnight

pretty soon Arizona will disappear

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