Friday, June 17, 2011

Put this in Perspective

This is a real event - reported by the ScienceNOW (on line) Magazine. The big circle has a "Black Hole" in the middle (from a faraway galaxy) the little yellow distorted Star (the size larger than our Sun)

The Yellow Star wandered too close to the massive "Black Hole" - and was devoured (sucked in) The Black Hole streamed a beam of energy straight at the Earth (detected by NASA) - This cosmic outburst continued to burn bright (emitting high energy radiation) that can be observed even today (2 1/2 months later)  the black hole is consuming the star gradually. “That’s because as the black hole rips the star apart, the mass swirls around like water going down a drain, and this swirling process releases a lot of energy,” says Joshua Bloom, an astronomer at the University of California, Berkeley, and lead author of one of the two papers. Bloom expects the flare to fade out over the next year. 

this event is bigger than our solar system - bigger, even, than your personal problems...

ps. Ive been on this vacation too long, so, I'm thinking about going back to work -

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