Saturday, June 25, 2011

A book: Staying Young: 10 proven steps to Ultimate Health

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Chapter 8 - by far the most talked about pages.
"When is the last time you saw "sexy" next to health care?
" The fountain of health can be found between the sheets" says Dr Anderson, one of the authors. "Frequent intercourse causes the brain to release human growth hormone which helps maintain youth"

"Middle-aged men who have sex five times a week can lower the risk for prostate cancer by 33%, compared to those who have sex only 5 times a month"

Judy Gamen, a co-author, adds another startling fact: "Vigorous sex three times a week for a year is equal to a caloric burn as walking 75 miles"

Finally, Having sex 3 times a week can increase your immunity. Increasing the release of a protein that acts as an antibody by binding to pathogens that enter the body. ... Oh... the book has lots more on other subjects and is $18+ at Amazon.

ps. Give a copy of this book to your favorite partner.......

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