Friday, September 3, 2010

Mercury currently in retrograde til September 12th

I'll take a page from Nancy Regan - "Dontfuckwithmyastrologer!"  September is my month (as a Leo).  On September 8th ( 4 days before "retrograde ends") I will be launching into the "Plan your Work" phase of the first half of September -
On September 16 I board a plane for NYC - which is the beginning of the 2nd half of September - beginning to "Work the Plan!" Mars will begin to energize my home and family life from September 14 to October 28. I will see more developments in November, too, but Mars will give me lots of enthusiasm to start my plan now (after September 24) with passion and vigor. Travel is a big option this month - for Mars in the third house will encourage me to travel here and there (NYC and Chicago), in quick short trips that are lots of fun. My trips will be delicious because Mars will be traveling with Venus, sure to spice things up! 
As my traveling moves toward an end, returning to Boise - around September 30 - I am warned that any decisions I make on that date will be permanent........

That's it from Susan - my astrologer

PS. Getting ready to travel:
The lion and the bath

First Stop: Dandelion Wine, Brooklyn, NY 
Dandelion Wine

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