Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm on Vacation for a few weeks

setting up my new home has taken over my life - lots of new people very social taking up my nights
The Boise River is preparing for many daily runs by the residents... my son Isaac and grandson Austin are due here in a week we plan to be in water... Jackpot has been cruising the neighborhood visiting new (to him) dogs... Walking over to the small lake (big pond) lots of folks with their dogs swimming - "Roll" practice in their kayaks - the lake is about 500 yards out my door. Bicycling the Greenbelt also near the lake

nothing like a new place to get a different feel not only from where
my "center" is but different people. I have new pillows so my dreams have changed

After Isaac's and Austin's visit, I'll be heading up to the Payette River, as the whitewater should have settled by then...

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