Monday, May 10, 2010

My Own Private Idaho

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I reflect:
It has been an interesting time trading in the markets this past week.
I have finished making offers on 4 different Homes here
My son tells me that my advice on Women, to him, is unwarranted because of my history.
My perfect dog had decided to test my patience with a most recent new bad habit
I have experienced, recently, some "roll their eyes" looks by younger women
I have been making daily plans, walking out of them, reviewing them and making new ones every day and walking out of them too...
The Weather has a harder time in being predictable than the markets.
I have reviewed my outlook on my immediate future, reviewed it again, and overrode any changes

Waiting for the rain to come this morning - knowing that this is the last before summer begins - has me taking pause in thinking one way or another about "change."

Real Estate (at least here in Boise) is not finished falling - that's the buyers attitude - the sellers think you are not suppose to lose money on Real Estate - well - lessons are hard learned - losing later than now is more difficult to recover - later.

When the market crashed last week - I bought, today it almost fully recovered, I sold - things have regained their "looking up" perspective - I love "Break Through's!"

I have eliminated "a clear view" of younger women as they are of no consequence to me

My Son can have the last word on women - I'll just observe and reflect (to myself of course)

My dog has decided that his new unacceptable habit is not worth his effort

This evening of Thunder, Lightening and Wind - will find me at the YMCA swimming pool taking a "Roll" clinic in my Kayak.

Tomorrow is another day - my optimism - tells me to take a wait and see attitude.... determination always wins out over persistence, as persistence has most of the word resistance within.

Patience is a hard learned attitude - but is certainly worth the effort and understanding.

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