Saturday, February 20, 2010

If we meet after a great lapse of time - I would rather relate what is written below prior watching some faces drop as I speak

I live in a Live-in-Quarters horse trailer that I designed and had built - actually, in Indiana. It is very small, elegant and wonderful for me. The decor is Pink counter tops and Blond Oak and Blond oak type paneling. Since I don't carry horses since early 2007, I carry all my stuff around, Bicycle, Kayaks, Solar, Generator - my puppy - Saddles and horse tack, etc. - I am living without design. I have a farm in upstate NY which I rarely visit. I’m keeping it as my children want it. It has been mostly closed up for the last 10 years. They Visit their mother across the road in her home – the original farm house and use The farm for recreation. Their Mom and I are great friends (we have been divorced for 22 years)

I spent last winter, and several prior winters in Cave Creek, AZ. Before That -Tucson, AZ. I have spent 3 summers in Flagstaff, Arizona which has an elevation of 7000+ft. I have spent these past 2 summers in and around Boise and Sun Valley, Idaho. In Earlier summers, I spent one on the Western Slope of Colorado – riding and camping in the Flattop Wilderness. I spent two summers in Montana – One on the eastern slope of the Sierra in California – and half a summer traveling up the coast of California, Oregon and Washington – Stopping at the state campgrounds on the Ocean. 6 months a year since 1996 and full time since 2002. Oh, yes (full disclosure) I spent one summer, 2006, in Coopertown, New York, having my brain examined!

If I meet someone and begin a relationship, I will stop and settle where that happens.

I maintain this website daily, It contains subjects about trading which I do daily. It also relates much of my philosophy and is kind of a diary. On the right side are my “Favorites” also a way to hit many of my photos of family, places, etc. It ties to my flickr account. I live a very casual life in Jeans and shorts - way off the "grid" of normality.I took a left turn and it changed my life. I recently visited with a woman who related that "I wasn't what I appeared to be" Oh, she said "you look exactly like your photographs, but your lifestyle seems too fluid - for what most women want. How you live, is off the charts to most people. She decided, before she met me, to design a picture from the information she had - around a fantasy, maybe, that she put together in her head - quickly upon meeting me she said aloud, "Wow!" I smiled.....Interesting, that most of us look at symbols and forget what is important.

My dog, Jackpot is a Tall Border Collie cross with? That I found at the Boise shelter. I have trained dogs and horses most of my adult life – as a hobby. The Dog in the pictures My daughter’s Wine Store – was mine and was stolen by my daughter – never to be returned – I have visitation rights.

I went to College in Boston and Developed a CPA practice in Upstate New York I was also a guest lecturer in Agricultural Taxation at Cornell for my last 13 years of practice. I helped raise two children, in a rural environment, with woods, a creek and several ponds, including horse pastures and Hay fields. I went on the road when I was 54.

My plan is to live in the West – It provides me the kind of weather that suits me best

My preference is living in a small city – like Flagstaff, Boise, Bend, Eastern Slope of California, Bozeman – but I require a good Verizon Conneciton, I would like to Be within 60 miles of a Costco, even Trader Joes (or an alternative Co-op) In the Summer I prefer temperatures that generally don’t go over 88 degrees, low Humidity – and winter – actually Southern Arizona is hard to beat.

                                Gila Bend, NM
IMG00020-20090824-1036.jpg by peachin
Quemado, NM

Eastern Oregon

Boise, ID

Jackpot - wonderdog - best dog I have ever had - he trained me! La Nina Bonita (my was dog) is with Lily - she is also the best dog I ever trained - spoiled now, of course - I have made Jackpot into the dog that he designed for me. He is a WOW Dog!!!

Hamilton, Montana

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bbp said...

That you are off the grid is one of the things about you that is so attractive, if you ask me. Just tell them that you are a late-blooming hippy with the means and chutzpah to follow that left-leading trail. I hope your lifestyle is as fulfilling as it sounds. By the way, are you writing a book?

Anonymous said...

Been a while since this stranger visited. Cracked up at the comments about big D. in TX. A nomad lifestyle and finding the technology to daytrade makes for an alluring read.