Monday, November 30, 2009

Jackpot (Jack) is One Year Old this week


Ever since Lily and Bonita (my previous great dog) became lovers, I have been looking for a new friend.  In the past 2 years, I have had 2 dogs that did not work out.  One went to a Ranch in Utah and the other had an infant disease.

This past summer I visited the Boise Humane Shelter (a first class operation - including a Vet Practice onsite.) I was looking for a working female type dog - Healer, Border Collie, etc. As I passed through the Kennels I got this look (above) from a Male Border Collie/Aussie Shepherd/and ? cross.  I walked by, I walked back, then I walked by again.  I went to the front desk and asked about other dogs, puppies, etc. that were being home cared.

I then asked about Jack.  He had been adopted twice and returned...and then the receptionist said "One of the nicest dogs here - and I'm not hustling you here - he's just too active for being a house pet - very smart...blah, blah, blah.....I adopted him and he has turned out to be the greatest dog I have ever kept company with.

I honestly believe he is a gift from a greater power, for my last stretch in life.  Happy Birthday Jack!! and Thanks for being my friend.


lilyecho said...

That is so sweet pops! Bonita and I are dying to meet him... Give him a big squeeze for me on his birthday. (Bonita turns 6 in January)

Marolyn said...

Happy birthday to you, glad I got to meet you and that you are such a great companion to Paulie.