Thursday, April 23, 2009

Suicide Redux from December 23, 2008

I wrote this last December after the reaction by some to the Bernard Madoff Scandal.  Since Last December there have been many Suicides - by Unemportant people - who don't count - until the Latest "Big Guy" at the freddiemac, fannymae lending consortium.  He was 41 - a financial superstar.....good bye!

If you have a friend, who is in a deep state of Depression, for your knowledge - a must rea is a small book (84 pages) a self account of a great writer, William Styron "Darkness Visible" - and after you have read it - give it to your friend to read - as someone did for me.

Suicide Watch - Dead Men Walking as I write.

Suicide is condemning yourself to death. First you visit "Hell on Earth" - the real and only hell - then you see that every turn available is unacceptable. Anxiety reaches astronomical levels, Searching for the way - out of this hell. You eliminate social contact around your life, including intimates - they cannot help, only interfere - It's a private matter of the utmost, and can only be experienced by one. There are many ways to commit suicide - the internet has thorough discussions, mostly by people who have failed. It behooves everyone to learn the best method for themselves - and then to fine tune the procedure - so that success is guaranteed. How to Point the Gun, what pills to take, the importance of the plastic bag and rubberband - unless of course you're going to jump or drown yourself (messy.) There is a point in anyone's life (anyone!) that suicide becomes a thought, moved up to an option, moved up to a plan and "Execution." It is...the perfect crime!

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