Monday, March 23, 2009

The market goes up $500 on Trillion $ Announcement - Cactus Flowers Bloom!

"I love the smell of Toxic Assets in the Morning"  - Trader Mike

My knowledge of the markets is limited and dangerous, having said that, My first impression of what is happening:

1. An enormous amount of $ is going to enter our Economy - This will Cause:
A. Inflation
B. The price of oil and comodities will begin to rise faster than other things.
C. The markets will stay at this level or increase to 9,000 - Next 3 mos.
D. The $ will fall against the other currencies of the world unless they fall too!

Republican Senator Boner will make lots of noise signifying nothing - he will eventually go limp.

Life goes one - what a wonderful start to spring - nice weather here in AZ and looks good in CA

After an abnormal amount of heavy rain in the desert this winter the desert is enjoying a magnificent Bloom - Cactus Flowers!

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