Thursday, March 26, 2009

Living on the Road Without Design 75 - 40

I plan on moving to other locations based for my preference to see places I have read about but not visited.  Encouraging my current interests, visiting my family and keeping the weather perameters between 75 Degree Days and 40 degree nights - Maximum Sunlight and low humidity.

I am just finishing up my winter in Arizona where the temperature ranges, etc have fulfilled my needs.  As I review my next stay, Kernville, California ("A") - I see the temperature range has moved to the desired 75/45 range, excellent sunlight and Whitewater to keep learning the basics of Whitewater Kayaking.  The Snow melt of the Sierra Mountains is just beginning and the waters are rising in the river.  As the Temperature increases increases into the 80's I'll be moving on to Idaho where the Snow melt will be just beginning above Boise, Id. I have never visited Kernville in the past, although last year I spent some time on the east side of the Sierra and knew I would return.
My next stop is the Payette River in Horseshoe Bend, Idaho (North of Boise)("B")  - continuing Whitewater rafting instruction as the temperature enters my range in May. From Horseshoe Bend - I have an unfulfilled break (Month of June) for about 3 to 4 weeks before I go to the Sun Valley/Stanley Idaho area (Salmon River) about July 1st.
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The entire trip north
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A Lake Pleasant, Peoria, AZ
B. Kernville, California (Kern River) April 1 to 1st week of May
C. Horseshoe Bend, Idaho (Payette River) May 6 to 1st week of June
Free time - 1st week of June thru july 4th
D. Sun Valley, Idaho (Salmon River) July 4th thru Labor Day

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