Sunday, March 1, 2009


We have entered a turn of the Century Depression.  It is layering in like lava from as volcano - those nearest are hit first - sooner or covers the land.  Why is it not recognized in public by the media, public officials, etc. etc?  Delivery of bad news - kills the messenger. Sometime in July, after the 2nd Quarter, A confirmation of Recession will either be stated or, there will be an economic U-turn.  

The Current Recession began 9 months prior it being recognized "Officially."

UPDATE: Monday Morning - It's on the table - Much bigger Problems at AIG and Warren Buffett says Economy is in Shambles thru 2009 (translation  = Depression)

pre-market DJI less than 7000 - should pass by 6800 maybe even 6500 to base of 6,000

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