Wednesday, October 8, 2008

On The Floor - The Markets - In Pictures

Going… going… going… gone.

A classic expression of pure anguish makes a great companion to a depressing article about economic collapse.
I am sad, as evidenced by the downward curvature of my mouth. See?
Ok ok ok.  What was it that Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd did in “Trading Places”?  Something with oranges… and buying… damnit what WAS that?I don’t know man, that’s what he said in the debate, “Nailing Jello to a Wall.”  Weird, right?
The Philippine  Stock Exchange cares LITTLE about your feelings, LOSERS!
Whooooaaaaaa.Ok, so we form an alliance. The other guys can’t know about this, ok? Bill, you have the immunity idol so we’re all counting on you during today’s challenge round.Wait, click that link.  AWWW MAN!  Chuck rick-rolled us AGAIN!
Phew! That’s gotta be it, things can’t possibly get any worse.
If I can just get my collar up a little higher I will become invisible!*phsssst* These Fisher Price walkie talkies mom got us are totally rad. OVER! *phsssst*Seriously guys! Five dollar footlongs at Subway! It’s a fantasic deal! BUY BUY!
It suddenly occurs to Roger that  he should’ve ignored his dad and gone to Parsons after all.
Oh, the humanity.

Yeah, that’s right, two meatball subs, extra cheese and step on it, we’re in a crisis over here. [Side note: Is that a McCain button? Really?]

Uh oh. The market has gone from “face palm” to “face fist.”OM NOM NOM NOM NOM

They all made fun of Jim’s flag shirt. We’ll see who’s laughing when Jim SAVES THE MARKET!  THESE COLORS DON’T RUN!Well, shit.All this time I was supposed to be wearing my wedding ring on my left hand.  (Apologies for offending anyone by not noting that he is German and thus his ring is on the correct hand. I appreciate your painstaking attention to detail.)
I’m no financial genius, but I’m guessing that the stock market is run by various sizes and colors of men with 60s-era phones attached to their ears.
Ted realizes that the guy on St. Mark’s Place who sold him the “limited edition iPhone” was not an honest salesman.
LOL INVISIBLE TRADR CHAIREver see ‘Scanners’?Morrissey steps outside for a needed break from the carnage on the trading floor.Traders share similar defense mechanisms as blowfish.PHONES DAMNIT!  WE NEED MORE FUCKING PHONES!It’s possible that this crisis started when traders were forced to wear colored mesh suit jackets.
Ew ew ew ew ewwwww! Stop it!

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Paul, amazing selection of pictures on the tarders theme...