Sunday, September 21, 2008

Terrorism, Fear and Greed Frame the 1st decade of the 21st Century - the times they are a'changin'

There are some thoughts, that are not wholly unrealistic. There is a list of 800+ financial institutions that cannot be "shorted" on the stock markets - why, because all the powers to be cannot understand how the "Squeeze" happened so fast. One thought is that the sophistication of those who would like to bring down the US has reached a point where - the right amount of funds put the right place (wholesale naked shorting) in the financial sector of our markets could put us into almost a Trillion Dollars in debt to rescue the very rich who run the markets - their banking system. ....not wholly unrealistic.

The rules have changed, the game has changed - there is no reason to whine, complain, etc. What is important - We must change with the change - create a new plan for ourselves and work the plan.

First, we have to replace those who bring to the table, old thoughts, outdated "america first philosophies" whatever is destroying this country economically, is our own doings, not us, but our elected choices who by lobbying, greed, etc. have put us in this pot.

Second, we have to isolate our enemies, not fight them - freeze their assets in our country - and negotiate - the solution - and make them pay for the solution.

Yes, very hard "doings" because of the very hard losses we have taken - financial terrorism!
(either external or internal (deregulation for profit)

ps. I have always been a radical - these are great times - adversity is the seed of opportunity - action is required!

From TraderMike this morning:
The U.S. and the U.K. moved late last week to ban covered short sales in financial stocks. Countries that have now followed are France, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland and Canada (Ontario), and other regulators are assessing their responses. Australia has banned short selling altogether.

Wow - Fear!

more.....U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown said Saturday that he is working with U.S. authorities to get billions of dollars returned to Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.'s London operations from the firm's U.S. business.

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