Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sun Valley, Idaho - The Sawtooth National Forest

I may be here forever, or at least until Labor Day - A beautiful area - somewhere between 5,000 and 6,000 feed in elevation. Temperature here - about 15 Degrees cooler than Boise, Idaho.

The Securities Markets need a rest from me. I am hedged positioned with a substantial short position in the Russell 2000 and Call Options in prime securities - Some Dated January2009 and other Dated January 2010. If the hedge works properly - I will be rewarded by a falling market in the short term (Through most of Fall) and A recovery somewhere beginning in 2009 and increasing thru 2010.

I hope to be exploring This mountainous area by Horseback - The Salmon River by Kayak - a wonderful bicycle system - teaching Tatina to be a good girl, how to ride along with a bicycle, she has the beginnings of playing Frisbie - There is much to see here - leading up into the Sawtooth.

This is almost a dead-end location - until trails and rivers take over. The towns are supported by summer and winter activities - a favorite of people who are not concerned about money.
During the last 15 miles of driving, I must say I was impressed by the Airport (in nowhere) with a dozen or so private Jets - and an equal amount of large private prop planes.

Oh? What about the economy, securities markets, etc. - We're Fu*ked!

I hope to post lots of pictures, If I can remember to bring my camera with me....paul

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