Monday, July 14, 2008

The Stock Market: It's always darkest before it goes pitch black

These are Dark Days for many who have their money in the Securities Markets. Some of us trade on the "Dark Side" and it's easy picking for the moment - There is no need to have paragraphs of discussion - other than to say that the Government Took a Bad Problem and made it extremely worse by spinning, lying, and posturing. They ran out of Bull Shit - but the market still has its destiny - it's called Capitulation. Picture this - a man Jumps off the Empire State Building (August of 2007) as he passes the 44th Floor - May 2008 - they call it a Recession (maybe) now all we have to wait for is Capitulation - you will know it when you see it - Two Eye Balls floating in a pool of Blood on the Street below - October seems to be a good prediction - then it will flatten out on the bottom for 3 to 6 months and maybe we'll have the beginning of a recovery (yes, just a beginning.)

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