Saturday, July 5, 2008

Pacific Ocean - Coos Bay, Oregon - last days

We have been here for almost a week and a few more days, before leaving toward Seattle. I have decided, not to go back to the Interstate and just drive up Hwy 101 (400 miles to Seattle) along the Ocean - stopping at will, enjoying each small town - I'm going to take a week to do the 400 miles - as I'm not expected in Seattle till July 15th. - Tatina and I have been walking on the beach a few hours a day. The beaches are very serene, hardly being used, there seems to be a sanity - Nothing has changed in the feeling since Lake Michigan - 50 years ago. The Picture above is her retreat after chasing a wave back out only to find one bigger coming in. This is an enormous Park - Beach - Campground lots of vegetation, My site is very private surrounded by fern 6 feet high and then some bushes another 10 feet above. Been eating fish every day - Many people have small boats and come in with lots of pretty large fish - there is someone working at the cleaning station almost all day long

I have 5 Bar Rev A broadband - here and trading has been good in the markets. I trade "The Dark Side" and do well during market falls - which are becoming more frequent and will increase in reaching for a bottom - which is nowhere in site.

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