Wednesday, May 21, 2008

On Being a Contrarian - Beginning June 7th

There will be very few people on the road this summer - The vacation areas that are accessible by motor vehicle are going to experience many vacancies. Airlines will be the way to go anywhere - no doubt cheaper to most and many have credit card mileage - no cost flying - if planning ahead.

I have decided to go back on the road June 7th - as I am a contrarian - This will be a most interesting time to travel. Probably the greatest distraction to summertime vacations are the crowds. So, Paying a premium for fuel, is an additional cost, for eliminating the crowds - a good price for the benefit.

I will begin from Flagstaff and travel to RT 395 in California (highest fuel cost) and drive north on the east side of the Sierra just west of the Nevada border. Reno, Lake Tahoe, etc. and then toward Oregon - My favorite three towns in a triangle - Bend, Sisters and Redmond. I will cross over to the Portland area and then work my way up to Seattle Washington to be at my grandson's first birthday party. After, Seattle I'm off to Montana to visit some friends and then work my way down to Las Vegas, where I have a meeting with some business friends. The trip ends in Flagstaff near the Mid August summer and I will be there until, maybe Nov 1st. I should be returning to Cave Creek by November 1st until May 1st, 2009 which should be the bottom of the Recession/ Depression - Lite. Many Citizens of the United States will be in the first stage of changing their lives - to a survival like condition for awhile - maybe more.

We are headed for a collapse of our economy - big time! It will begin - in full force, after the election into the darkness of the Winter.

Want to know why? Read:

Then hit the story:
Paul B. Farrell: Government's 'numbers racket' is about to blow up in our faces

This is not written by some radical - it is a book review of Kevin Phillips book.

It will be on top of all the best selling lists - soon!

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