Friday, May 9, 2008

Flagstaff - A town I love - Good Place to wait out a storm

Denial - yes everyone is in denial about the economy, about the effect on their lives - you can see it clearly - here in a town of Moderate Size. Flagstaff is one of the Major Railroad entries into the west. In previous years, there were trains full of 2 story trailers - going both ways - it never stops - but today, my 2nd day - the railroad traffic is less than half. When I went out for a Bike rideI saw two different trains with an average of 50 -75 flat cars empty of trailers going to California. All of the marginal business in this gigantic Tourist Town have or are in the process of going out of business -

The Stock Market - is being played by the big boys - to lessen the idea of an enormous Recession. In the Coffee shops, on the streets, restaurants, etc. the most used words are talk of Recession.

Actually a big storm always cleans lots of stuff. I'm for that Storm (Recession!) The bigger the better.

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