Sunday, May 11, 2008

Everything is going to be OK!...?

How we react to our own Medical Problems when opinions are given by Professionals. 2nd opinions are always invited. A team of Dr's gathered together giving an opinion rate a greater reception. No one likes bad news - so most (most) opinions are optimistic. It's part of selling the profession. We are all awaiting the prognostication that we prefer, everything is going to be OK. A bad turn, in a Medical Problem, well, that's unavoidable and the original opinion makers don't appear at the "Delivery of Bad News"

That's what is happening in our Economic environment. We hear what we want to hear. People who are fully invested in their retirement plans, etc. - don't want to think, they are caught in the headlights, they want to be told everything is going to be OK. It's not.

The powerful Wall Street investment concerns can keep the market's at an irrational higher level with the assets they have and their ability to make announcements and give advise that counter act the Market's direction. They pre-invest in their proposed upward investment, analyze when the upward prices become fatigued - short the market while the last ones in are finishing up - then they force the markets downward - to profit on both sides - the rise and fall. All of the news is projecting - we are at the bottom and on our way up - it's not true, and it's obvious.

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