Friday, November 30, 2007

Taking it easy in returning to Arizona

The stock market decided it had reached a 10% correction (based on fedspeak - market hackers - and the usual suspects of deceit) So, there was an open of 13,300 and this morning actually hit 13,450 breaking thru 13,300 resistance - the day is not over and I believe it will close near the 13,300 area (plus or minus 40.)

I left Arizona before Thanksgiving when it was 86-88 degrees - full sunshine - no rain in 2+ months and I have returned to 60 degree weather, full clouds and just beginning to rain and promised to deliver a much needed downpour.

As we move into December a promised Christmas Rally has been pronounced by the pundits of "whoever." (Is it whomever?.....whatever!)

Need to buy a new calendar, do my laundry, stop at Trader Joe's, check my mailbox - not worry about the impending economic turmoil - and get some wine....that's it.

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