Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Palm + NUAN? .....Who?

Yesterday, I purchased Calls on PALM and may continue to do so. Although this is a Blackberry using Latte sucking country, Many Hand held manufacturers - from cellphones to sophisticated mini-computers need certain technology to continue to flourish and continue. Do you develop it or purchase that technology? Because, we as a people tend to flush the toilet on some (not deserving) products - the American attitude - either you are with us or against us - doesn't mean the technology and special attributes of the mentally flushed products don't have excellent attributes that another company could take advantage of. I believe Palm is an excellent example - of a most desired takeover. The stock now sells for 14++ and generally had a recent range of 15 to 20. A call option is a better vehicle, for a bet, than purchasing the stock. RIMM (Blackberry) is a one-trick-pony - it's price on the NASDAQ is up at a "perfection" high - looks to be a good option Put or short sale.
PALM has a positive cash flow, and many tax attributes (along with cash) that gives it an overall cash value of $10 per share + has earnings to increase the value to maybe $20 to $25 per share (as a buy out) vs. the current stock price of under $15.
Last February there were potential takeover roomers that faded. Now this concept is dormant - a wonderful time to see what evolves. Lehman Bros. has cut it's recommendations from equal weight to under weight. That means they are either telling their customers to avoid buying PALM or they are telling the financial world to get out so they can get in at a lower price. Wall Street is notorious for trying to manipulate a stock for their own benefit - nothing personal, it's just Business!
If you are interested search "Palm Takeover" on Google and read the first 10 entries.

So Who is Nuance Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: NUAN) today 9/10/07 released initial usage statistics of the Nuance® Voice Control™ speech application pre-loaded on the new Palm® Treo™ 755p smartphone. Preliminary findings have already surpassed expectations with usage levels averaging 48 transactions per user, per month. The results are indicative of both the simplified mobile experience and productivity enhancements that Nuance Voice Control provides mobile consumers when using today’s more advanced mobile devices such as the Treo 755p.Treo users can easily dictate and send email or text messages, create calendar entries, dial a contact, and search the Web for business listings, news, weather, stock quotes, sport scores and more. The application icon is pre-loaded on the Treo 755p application menu, enabling Sprint subscribers to easily activate and start using Nuance Voice Control. SO CAN YOU IMAGINE - TALKING TO YOUR PDA AND GETTING ALMOST ANYTHING YOU WANT AND SENDING ANY MESSAGE - WITH YOUR VOICE. Voice recognition requires your training the machine to recognize the way you talk - after several training sessions - you'll be using your thumb punching keyboard much less. The next stage of equipment will minimize the use of a keyboard and mouse - and eventually all of our equipment can be appreciably
smaller - ie. talk to the "Screen Size" of your choice. BEWARE: All of the computer companies, PDA companies, etc. are working furiously on Voice Recognitions software - the difference - PALM is out with it and they have tracking software to monitor it use - with that information - Let's look at PALM, today 9/11 differently.

9/11 changed the world forever. The day is a reminder, for all, how precious life is! God Bless America and no matter which way you feel about this war - our people are in harms way - bring them home.

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