Thursday, September 20, 2007

What will they Call this period in our Economic times

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It's the decline of the Dollar since January - just shy of 10%

So Will they call it:

A readjustment of the American Dollar for a healthier future?

A slight recession coming and going in a few months?

A Recession?

The Greatest Recession of our Time?

Dumb and Dumber or Twikie Wabbits?


"Satyajit Das is laughing. It appears I have said something very funny, but I have no idea what it was. My only clue is that the laugh sounds somewhat pitying.

One of the world's leading experts on credit derivatives, Das is the author of a 4,200-page reference work on the subject, among a half-dozen other tomes. As a developer and marketer of the exotic instruments himself over the past 30 years. He seemed like the ideal industry insider to help us get to the bottom of the recent debt crunch -- and I expected him to defend and explain the practice.

I started by asking the Calcutta-born Australian whether the credit crisis was in what Americans would call the "third inning." This was pretty amusing, it seemed, judging from the laughter. So I tried again. "Second inning?" More laughter. "First?"

Still too optimistic. Das, who knows as much about global money flows as anyone in the world, stopped chuckling long enough to suggest that we're actually still in the middle of the national anthem before a game destined to go into extra innings. And it won't end well for the global economy." - John Markman - MSN Money

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