Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What a perfect time to be in the Dark - The Harvest Moon - and the plenty it brings.

I have been reading many of my favorite writers - in economic terms. Some believe that the Fed should have raised the interest rates rather than lowered them. Some believe that we are in a far greater inflation rate than the pronounced 2% (I agree with that.) Some believe that you should invest in foreign currency. (I agree in the short run). Some believe that investment in commodities - oil, copper, zinc, iron, lead, platinum, silver or gold - as a hedge against inflation. (like foreign currencies.) Some believe that the Fed was behind the curve and did 1/2% to catch up. Some believe that underlying all of this - is a way to shake the Chinese away from our $1 - they have tied their currency to our $ come hell or high water - because we are their biggest consumer - and - they are our biggest supplier - and tying the currencies - keep "their game going well!" - among other things. Some think that if our economy falls - so does the world economy (I sort of agree with that.)

This is what I believe:
1. That everyone is guessing and the more knowledge they have in this area - the more that knowledge gets in their way - These are new times - probably the best people to ask what they think are our, brightest and best, 12 to 15 year olds. Lay the facts out for them - let them talk between themselves - and come with some thoughts...they'll be no worse than the entire George W administration - Congress and the Fed.

2. Markets have a way of working themselves out - without interference - from the guy peddling something on the corner - to the multi-national behemoth Corporation that deals in 194 countries.

3. We are in unknown times - without historical perspective - why do they keep punching buttons and pounding on the side of the machine - thinking that something will happen - but - don't have the patience - to let what they fear happen - happen!

4. As most of you know, I am "off the grid" in my head and in my lifestyle. Yes, I have to go to town - and get some things - "in the market place" but I'm flexible.

5. We all know that 70 to 90% of what we fear never happens - so let's go on with our business and daily routine - and see what knocks on the door.

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