Thursday, September 13, 2007

Tomorrow Night Alan Greenspan and Maria whatsherface

Firday evening (tomorrow) at 9PM eastern - 6pm here in Arizona - Maria Bartiromo, of CNBC fame, will be interviewing "The Great One" - let's digress for a moment - a week or so ago Bernanke was going to speak...the day before "The Little One" (George W.)preempted him with - we'll just guarantee all the folks who have mortgage problems - with the FHA. So, now Greenspan is being interviewed by Maria, as I said, on Friday, on subjects of the economy. Alan will get paid back by presenting his just released book to the exact audience who is most likely to buy it. Alan has made statements in the past few weeks about "now" looking like 1987 and 2000 just before their respective crashes. Bernanke is making a statement on Tuesday,next, that will be the catalyst of the markets, etc. in the days to follow. Greenspan whose statements can crush pyramids - may say something tomorrow evening, that may deflate one of Bernanke's greatest moments.

"The Fly" ( said it the best: "I hope Greenspan gets up and pimp smacks Maria Bartiromo tomorrow, exclaiming: "bitch, don't you ask me about 1987 or 2000."

Tune in....

UPDATE ON PALM: A private investment company has purchased a 25% interest in palm - the money to be used for a special dividend to the shareholders of $9 a share. There will be three new executives and officers (board members) one of which an ex-Apple executive with lots of poussée

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