Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Morning Update on some previously mentioned items

Morning Headlines: Markets down on Tech announcement of lowered high-end earnings:
Texas Instruments announced "..............."

Probably not enough to close the "Mine" down - Let's look for another live Canary

From Barry Ritholtz and a book by Thomas Gilovich How We Know What Isn't So "...In all too many ways: Humans have a tendency to see order in randomness. We find patterns where none exist. While that trait might have helped a baby recognize its parents (thereby improving the odds for its survival), seeing patterns where none exist is counter-productive when it comes to investing."

PALM - and Vodaphone announce a release for a 3G PDA throughout europe for 10/1, interesting to note that european sales relate to the euro over the $ at 1.3+ to 1.

Premarket Trading: After an hour + of trading - the premarket is slow and quiet and has a very small downside bias.

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