Saturday, September 1, 2007

Government Interference with the Markets - A Solar Eclipse on the Full Moon...coming 9/11...familiar date?

"The aspects between September 3 and September 9 are amongst the most powerful geocosmic correlates to trend reversals. On Monday, September 3 Mars will form a waxing square to Uranus, while the Sun will begin its 6-day trek of forming a T-square with Jupiter and Uranus. You may remember previously that this column suggested that big point moves and possible crashes tend to happen when Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus are all active. Accordingly, this period becomes vulnerable to a possible sudden and huge sell-off. On Friday and Saturday, September 7-8, both Pluto and Venus will turn stationary direct, which will behave like a heavy conjunction between those two planets. Venus rules the value of currencies, and Pluto represents a potential threat of danger to human life or costly damage. In earlier reports we also mentioned that so many aspects to Uranus can coincide with high winds, hurricanes, fires, electrical storms, and/or earthquakes. The thing is that with signatures like this, something sudden and unexpected could happen that disrupts the normal flow of human activity. It could be another financial panic, or a natural disaster, or something completely unexpected and shocking. But since we are focusing on the equity and financial markets of the world, don’t be surprised if events happen that cause sudden eruptions in these realms in the next 1-2 weeks."

From Ray Merriman

September 11, will be a new moon - solar eclipse, solar eclipses are usually all about beginnings. New Moons are about acceleration of what is immediately preceeding it.

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