Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Catbird Seat

The catbird is a member of a group of birds called the mimic thrushes; these birds are skilled at imitating other birds, animals, and according to my source even telephones. It’s specifically called a catbird because one of its most impressive imitations is the mew of a cat. Catbirds have a tendency to sit on the highest point in sight and “loudly stake their territorial claim at first light.” Figuratively, the catbird seat is a place of ease or favor.

Credit is generally given to James Thurber for bring the use of "The Catbird Seat" to light in a short story. The entire short story (a 3 minute read) in May posts.

The Catbird Seat is generally thought of as a place where a person sits in a "can't lose" situation!

China is in the Catbird Seat, economically, at this time

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