Monday, September 24, 2007

3AM PST Monday Morning pre-market

This chart shows that the Euro costs $1.39+ on Saturday, today Monday it is currently trading at $1.41+...since March 24th (6 months ago) almost $.10 more to buy a Euro - a deflated dollar of 7.5% over 6 months.

1.Goldman Sachs and Lehman says that the Interest - mortgage - Financial crisis has bottomed and we have seen the worst. Read September 20th post below: Satyajit Das is laughing obviously Goldman and Lehman are What?......Bull Shit comes to mind

2.All of the Pacific Rim Markets have just closed at all time highs up 2% average.
3.The Dollar has reached a new low against The Euro-dollar. $141.15
4.The United States Markets are poised to open up reaching new highs.
5.Oil is still above $80 as they convert the refineries to increasing Heating Oil
6.Gold is up in early markets to $747
7.The Canadian Dollar has finally reached parity $1 = $1 Canadian
8.Although Wheat has increased 78% during the year - Farmers are planting everything September 2007 wheat futures settled at $8.40 on September 7, nearly $1.00 above the previous record established in 1996. Assuming no crop disasters and increased to capacity planting it is estimated that Wheat will go down to $6+ in 2008 - inflation adjustment is anyone's guess.

What has Happened to Canadians that are Holding US Securities
Here's a monthly chart of the S&P 500 Index in Canadian dollars. You can see that the Index is still down almost exactly a third from the dot com bubble high in March 2000, and only up around 30% from the bear market bottom in March 2003. You have to feel sorry for Canadian investors in the US who have been getting killed lo these many years. The worst possible position for anyone to be in - think of retirees or marginally employed single mothers - would be having to meet CAD expenses with USD income.
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