Friday, August 31, 2007

twicky wabbits...Notice the Back Room Pallor At the height of Sun Tans

Bush decided to take Bernanke off the hook (out of the corner (closet) and will again prove his intelligence - like no other can! "Not only did Bush upstage Mr. Bernanke's eagerly awaited speech, but they came on the eve of a three-day weekend, the last day of the month and the last day of the fiscal year for some financial firms. "If you're introducing a major economic policy initiative that was going to address a major issue,wouldn't you wait until Tuesday? It's only four days away. If Bush and company wanted to really boost the markets - they would have introduced this at the close of Friday's markets - for the Boost on the following Tuesday. (So, at this juncture - and it is irresponsible forecasting on my part - above is what the Stars say - about Tuesday and the following week.) THE IRONY IS THAT MR. BUSH'S proposals may have served a function in goosing a very nervous stock market but aren't likely to yield much else than disillusionment." (-Barry Ritholtz)

"But for the “government”, which I thought was using taxpayer money (except for the $9 trln in debt it has borrowed), to bail out malinvestment is only to increase the problem. If you don’t punish your child for playing with matches, he may one day burn the house down." - - Bill Goss/Mr. Practical

I guess what comes to mind is the difference - aging - (picture above compared with the pictures below) that has happened to Bush between the photos. And of course, Bush is a Creationist - believing that man is NOT directly related to ape's and other monkeys.

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