Monday, August 27, 2007

John Wesley Harding - via tim

Rear View Mirror - What's that coming down the road?

Maybe you're insecure
Neck deep in life's manure
Maybe your heart's impure
Inured to all small compensations

Maybe you're born to lose
Could be caught out or confused
Wearing the condemned man's shoes
Worn out, beyond a warning

There might be one million ills that ail ya
But why do you take pleasure in other peoples failure?

Each day since time began
You'll meet a modest man
Who says he understands
Your plans, your dreams, your schemes, your feelings

But rather you than me
That's his mentality
He's a slave to gravity
And he watches laughing as you fall down

He doesn't even have to nail ya
That's why he takes pleasure in other people's failure

It is a rule of thumb
Inside the coliseum
That when the time will come
We'd rather see the losers slaughtered

And no-one can resist
This vicarious kiss
It is our greatest bliss
The twist that gives success its flavor

A psychopathic psychedelia....
That's why we take pleasure in other people's failure

We all need to be in therapy - don't we....tim

schadenfreude — "enjoyment of other persons' misfortunes — is almost the national pastime." - George Will

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